Holly Laurent

The lovely Holly Laurent spent fifteen years studying, performing and teaching comedy in Chicago before moving out to Los Angeles last fall. She'll be back next week with fellow Mainstage alum, Katie Rich, performing at Chicago Women's Funny Festival (CWFF) and she was kind enough to share a few words with me about what we can expect from Joan and Ro.

You and Katie Rich were on Mainstage together for three years, is that where you first met or did you know each other prior to that?

We knew each other from iO. She worked in the box office and I was there a lot. We shared a few cabs before and had been around each other for years from iO, but were never really close. We were the only two females in the cast of South Side of Heaven, my first Mainstage revue, and then did two more together, so we got super duper tight.

So you and Katie have a show coming up for Chicago Women’s Funny Festival. What is it about you and Katie that just “clicks?”

The way we improvise together grew in conjunction with how close we became as friends. The more trusting and vulnerable we became with each other, the more our vulgar, disgusting, idiotic selves came out and we just had so much fun. We had five improv sets a week on Mainstage and we found that we would tend to gravitate towards each other during the sets. Then we realized we started playing these characters we named Joan and Ro, these old, inappropriate ladies. Whenever we’d burst into Joan and Ro, the rest of the cast would sit back for a while and let us have our fun.

Nice. So Joan and Ro developed out of improv sets. What can we expect for the show for the festival?

A lot of very inappropriate humor. A lot of horrible things coming out of the mouths of, what seem to be, sweet ladies. We really are bad influences on each other and spend too much time trying to make the other one laugh. We’ll just be free-form, flowy and wildly offensive. 


Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen: two lovely ladies with filty, wildly offensive mouths. Sounds like a good time to me! Check out Joan and Ro at Chicago Women's Funny Festival on Friday June 6th at 10pm at Stage 773. 

Also, be sure to check out Holly as one of our hosts in Choose Chicago's neighborhood video series Beyond The Loop!

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