Beth Melewski
Next Friday, the preview shows begin for Twist Your Dickens or Scrooge You - a Second City/Goodman Theatre mash-up. Expect the unexpected but prepare for a good time and a new twist on the classic Christmas story, A Christmas Carol. I spoke to Beth Melewski, who plays the Ghost of Christmas Present, about what rehearsal has been like so far and what we can expect. Here's what she had to say...
What's it like to make your Goodman Theatre debut?
It's pretty unbelievable. I mean, it's one of the biggest theaters in Chicago! I'm honored. I can't say enough. 

What has it been like collaborating with the Goodman cast and production team?
They have been truly amazing. There are so many moving parts that we don't get to see that just "get done." It's magic in a big theater like this. It's also so different because Second City is so pared down as far as set, costumes, etc. It's so great to do a huge production like this. It's like playing manic dress-up for two hours! 

How has your experience with Twist Your Dickens been similar or different to your previous shows with The Second City?
Even through the show is scripted there's always room to play with different lines and updating references. And as I said, Second City is so bare bones and this is such a massive undertaking with costumes and quick changes and such. So different. So fun. 

What's your favorite part of your costume?
There are so many! I get to switch sexes and characters so much in this show it's a blast. I think my favorite though is a character I play named "Ruby Santini" who is a lounge singer. She's trashy and fabulous. 

What's your favorite line of the show?
That's a tough one. Pretty much anything Fran Guinan has said so far, as Scrooge, has made me laugh. Watching him is like a master class. Working with him is a dream. 

Have there been any funny moments in rehearsals yet?
Frank Caeti has already fell off the skateboard. I know that sounds like code, but I'll leave it at that. When you see the show you'll get it. 

What are you most looking forward to for the run of the show?
Working at the Goodman, downtown, during Christmas is real magical. I also get to stay in the city for the holidays which I love too. 
Twist Your Dickens officially opens on December 11. Tickets are availble here