CWFF Recommendations

This Thursday through Sunday, saddle up for a slew of funny ladies. The Chicago Women's Funny Festival will be underway at Stage 773 and they're bringing in acts from coast to coast and beyond. This year you can expect to see sketch, improv, musical improv, puppets and a bit more stand-up that in the past. Turn on the mics and line-up the tutus, the ladies are coming and below are a few shows I recommend seeing.


Julie Marchiano presents: Nuggets - The Box @ 8pm

I have actually never had the pleasure of seeing Miss Marchiano perform live, but I have heard wonderful things and I look forward to this one woman show!

Abbaria - The Thrust @ 8pm
I'm a big fan of Abbaria. Maria Wojciechowski and Abby Vatterott bring a variety of song, dance, sketch and audience involvement into their two-woman show. I loved their performance at Sketchfestand can't wait to see what they've got in store this time.

Snooty Pageant - The Thrust @ 9pm
Stacey Smith and Katie Dufresne slay me. This show was my hands-down absolute favorite show at Sketchfest this past January. These ladies are a hoot. Not only do they shatter the roof with talent, they are hilarious and humble to top it off. Go see them. You can thank me later.


Brianna Baker - The Box @ 8pm
Brianna Baker is one of the most consistent performers I've seen. She is always working on something and the fact that this will be a one-woman show is a real treat. I've heard rave reviews of her last one-woman show and am looking forward to what she brings with Phyllis.

Almost a Genius - The Box @ 9pm
Maria Wojciechowski unleashes her everything in this one-woman show. This is a brilliant, honest and emotional performance. Maria uses this show as an opportunity to educate people on mental illness in a comedic, heart-wrenching and genius way. If you're looking for a happy-go-lucky comedy show, this isn't for you. But if you're looking for something that will make you think and laugh, then please see this show.

The Fruit Flies - The Box @ 10pm
The Fruit Flies is a musical duo based out of Chicago. They come highly I also highly recommend them. Think a less folksy, sassier Garfunkel and Oates.

Holly Laurent & Katie Rich - The Thrust @ 10pm
Holly Laurent and Katie Rich are Second City alums reuniting for this show. Holly has now moved to Los Angeles and Katie was picked up as a writer for Saturday Night Live last Fall. Don't miss these two. Who knows how many more times we'll get to see them together.


Are you there, Judy? It’s me, Cancer. - The Cab @ 7pm
Judy Fabjance presents this one-woman comedy show as a breast cancer survivor. 

Beth Stelling - The Pro @ 8pm
Beth Stelling comes highly recommended and has appeared on a number of late night shows. Great delivery, timing and casual demeanor make this lady a breath of fresh air. 

Off Off Broadzway - The Pro @ 9pm
Who likes broads? Who likes Broadway? Who likes parody? Who doesn't like burlesque? Yup, all of those things tied up into one lil' package in Off Off Broadzway. These ladies' tutus are just about as big as their foul mouths. A guaranteed good time.


MR. (with the period) - The Box @ 3pm
Molly Lunch and Rachna Khatau bring their two-woman act from the streets of Los Angeles and the direction of Emmy-nominated writer, Matt Craig, to the stages of Chicago. Here for a limited time only, don't miss these two.

The Mint Juleps & Anarchy - The Pro @ 5pm
I'm a sucker for quality musical improv and these two ensembles are exactly what I'm talking about. Check out The Mint Juleps and Anarchy on one bill. Not a bad deal...

The Boys - The Pro @ 8pm
Susan Messing and Rachael Mason. Is there really any reason to say anything else?