Odysseo by Cavalia

Big top tents usually present shows with the expected formula of animal tricks, high-wire acts and prancing and plumed dancers. Well, Cavalia's new multidimensional extravaganza Odysseo kicks all of that tired spectacle right to the curb. A showcase of graceful horses, live music, acrobats, dancers and aerialists, this show lives up to the claim "the best show ever."




Through April 30   |  Under the White Big Top at Soldier Field South Lot

There are several things that help Odysseo stand out from a typical circus performance. First of all, 65 horses are allowed to run relatively free and the beauty of a team of horses galloping freely, with manes flying, is worth the price of admission.

But these horses are backed by a spectacular digital production that gives the effect of a variety of landscapes, making you feel as if you're right there in a forest or snow-covered valley, watching them. There's also the presence of a small live orchestra and an ethereal vocalist that transports the audience to some far-off fantasy land. Finally, a troupe of acrobats from New Guinea tumble, jump and flip over and between the horses with otherwordly speed and skill. It's unlike anything ever seen under any kind of tent or stage before. Do not miss this show, it appeals to all ages.

Tickets start at $34.50.




The White Big Top at Soldier Field
South Lot, 1410 Museum Campus Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60605