Hot Dog Fest '15

Since the opening of the Stockyards (and before), Chicago’s hot dogs and other related meat products have been celebrated around the world. Many visitors to Chicago do not consider a visit to the city complete without at least one visit to a hot dog stand, hut, or full-on sausage emporium.

This August 7-9 the Chicago History Museum will once again offer a complete range of hot dogs, live entertainment, beverages and talks as part of Chicago Hot Dog Fest. All of the activities take place at Clark Street and LaSalle Drive and it’s worth noting that there are over a dozen vendors, including Boricua Dog, Chicago Classic, Chubby Weiners and Cookers Red Hots.

Hot Dog Fest '15

The music stage will feature Kashmir (noted Led Zeppelin tribute band), blues celebrants Brother Johns, and rhumba devotees Guitarra Azul. On the “Meat the Speakers” stage you can listen to historian Bill Savage talk about “Ketchup: The Condiment of Controversy” and Bob Schwartz offer his thoughts on “The Passion & People Behind Chicago’s Hot Dog Stands.” 

And a word to the wise: You’d do well to buy your tickets for the event beforehand online here. They’re known as “dog dollars” and you get a bit of a discount for purchasing them in advance. Also, you’d do well to read up on hot dogs with this excellent reading list provided courtesy of the Chicago Public Library. I can also recommend Bruce Kraig's masterful "Hot Dog: A Global History" for its breadth of scholarship, fun anecdotes and fine photographs. 

See you out there in August and happy hot dogging!