American Girl Place - Chicago

On January 1, American Girl will introduce girls to the 2013 Girl of the Year - Saige Copeland - and American Girl Place Chicago will be stepping up with some fun events to celebrate this creative new girl.

Saige is a modern, dynamic little girl that loves spending time with her Grandma, riding her favorite horse, and.... drawing and painting! When budget cuts threaten to cut arts from the schools, Saige even organizes a "Day of Beige," to show how boring the world would be without art.  

To celebrate the arrive of Saige, American Girl Place Chicago is hosting a Girl of the Year 2013 Debut Party, on January 1, from 9am - 1pm and January 2, 3, and 4 at 11am - 1pm. At this special event, your American girl can be one of the first to learn about this new character's world through demonstrations, crafts, free giveaways, and more. The event is free and open to the public (girls ages 8 and above). 

Saige Copeland - American Girl Place
Also on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the months of January - February, girls can participate in Girl of the Year 2013 Crafts and Scavenger Hunts. During the scavenger hunt, your girl will collect fun facts about Saige hidden throughout the store. If she completes the hunt, she'll be awarded an American Girl Poster! At the Crafts sessions, she can discover her creative side as she makes crafts inspired by the stories of American Girl's newest character. Both of these events are free, too!

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