Amtrak Store

Thousands of commuters rush through Union Station on their way home every day and many curious tourists make it a point to take photos of the Great Hall as part of their visit to Chicago. This holiday season, there's one more reason to stop on by: Amtrak's pop-up holiday store.

The store is open until December 23, Sunday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It's tucked right beyond the breezeway as one walks through the Great Hall on the way to Metra and Amtrak trains. There's a bit of everything for those with a penchant for train memorabilia, including collector pins for $3 that celebrate a few of Amtrak's long distance routes, including the Lake Shore Limited, the Southwest Chief, and others.

Amtrak lapel pins

Moving along, a small section of children's gifts includes a colorful Amtrak watch for $5 and a wooden train whistle that's perfect for railfans of any age. It's also worth nothing that they have children's luggage with the Amtrak logo, along with t-shirts and engineer's overalls, naturally. 

Amtrak model railroad

Model railroad fans will not be disappointed as the store also has HO-scale locomotives for sale, along with the bi-level dining cars that serve on Amtrak's western routes such as the Empire Builder and the Southwest Chief. Other items at the store include sweatshirts, jackets, throw rugs, and other items featuring the distinctive Amtrak logo. 

The store is quite an experience and it's a nice place to stop before jumping on your train or if you're just in the area looking for a unique holiday gift. 

Photos by Max Grinnell