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Organic, locally grown food is becoming the new normal for many families all over the nation. Health benefits, ability to stimulate local economies, and ethical soundness have become essential shopping byproducts for many families. In Chicago, look no further than Green City Market to satisfy your organic produce and meat needs.

Unfortunately, when you live in the Midwest, the icy months of December, January, February, and even March seem to put a damper on our ability to shop local. But Chicago residents and visitors are lucky enough to have an organic, local stronghold in the Green City Market, the city's only year round farmers market.

For the cold months of the year, the Green City Market moves indoors to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, providing Chicago with access to the finest local farmers even in the otherwise dead Midwestern winter.

The Green City Market boasts not only the finest meats, produce, herbs, and prepared foods, but also encourages community involvement in the promotion of organic, locally grown foods. With guest appearances by local, well-known chefs, a children's program, and educational resources for all, the market works to increase understanding and awareness of the benefits of farmer's markets, both for families and the community. During the months of November through April, chef demonstrations take place every Saturday at 10:30 AM in the cafeteria of the nature museum.

The market also hosts a program called Edible Gardens, which helps visitors learn to grow their own organic gardens. If this is not enough pull to go to Green City, the market also hosts a compost and recycling program, providing valuable information about how to use waste effectively. The Green City Market promises to provide a green place for all ages, all year.