Nerd Comedy Festival 
Chicago's comedy scene is about to get wild. In two weeks, Chicago will host the country's (maybe even the world's) largest improv festival - The Chicago Improv Festival. Until then, let's divert all eyes to the Second Annual Nerd Comedy Festival hosted at Stage 773 this week. Many of us comedy folks happily identify ourselves as nerds, so it seems only fitting to make an entire festival celebrating this fully-embraced character trait.

I spoke with Katie Johnston-Smith, creator and co-producer of this festival to gather a bit more insight into what it's all about.
Where did the idea of the Nerd Comedy Festival come from?
Last year I was talking to my boss, Brian Posen. He mentioned wanting to produce more festivals at 773.  I got to noodling and thought, "Wouldn't it be super cool to do a comedy fest version of a comic book convention?" Thus, Nerd Fest was born!

What was the one biggest thing you focused on when putting together this festival?
This fest is, above all, super fun, welcoming and inclusive. Making sure everyone working on, and participating in, the fest was doing something they found fun and interesting was and is the number one goal. I said to my co-producer, Fin Coe, before we started working on this year's fest, "If you think it's fun, let's do it. If it's not fun, we don't need it."

What shows are you most looking forward to?
There is literally NO part of the fest I am not looking forward to! But I guess if I have to name one thing, it has to be the overall sense of community and camaraderie that will be buzzing around the building all weekend. This is just such a great community and everyone is so supportive of each other.

If you could sum up this festival in three to five words, what would they be?
Nerdy. Funny. Sexy. Cool. Cheap.
Well there you have it folks. Nerdy, funny, sexy, cool and cheap. I honestly don't know if you can beat that. Check out the happenings of the Nerd Comedy Festival at Stage 773 starting today through Saturday and get your nerd on. Just do it. 
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