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In this age of Retina Displays, touch screens and Google Glass, why is it so hard to find dependable Wi-Fi? While traveling underneath the Chicago River, I can post a picture to Instagram from a moving subway car. But if I try to check my e-mail in a crowded Starbuck's, there's a 50/50 shot that my browser will not load. What is that? Well, the fiber optic frustration ends today with this list of the best, most unique Wi-Fi spots in Chicago.

Empanadas 5411 (2850 N. Clark St.)


Look out for the bright blue facade and a window with "empanadas" scrawled across it in huge font, it's impossible to miss. With a modern, sterile-chic interior, this is the perfect place to get your work done, or to meet friends for a mid-afternoon snack. The empanadas are a little taste of Argentina, for only a couple bucks each.

Meat lovers, the Malbec Beef is to die for, and goes great with a bottle of wine (5411 is BYOB). For the cheese lovers, the bacon, date, and goat cheese is to die for. And the sweet corn is perfect for both vegetarians and sweet-tooths. Don't forget to order a side of chimichuri and a latte as well! 

Aje Cafe (2942 N. Clark St.)

Aje Cafe

I first stumbled upon Aje Cafe while walking around Lakeview in zero degree weather with my boyfriend. I live five minutes away, but this was the first time I noticed it. Thank goodness for its cozy interior, we were so frozen we might not have made it back home.

Aje Cafe has cute tables set up around the room, but the best seat in the house is the cozy couch right by the window. Perfect for people watching and for reading. Their coffee is phenomenal; just the right amount of strong and sweet. And while you're there, make sure to get the chicken pesto panini with the fruit salad. The fruit salad part is important, even if you don't like fruit. It's not what you think -- and despite the sweetness -- it goes perfectly with a hot sandwich. This place is perfect for a cozy coffee date, or if you're trying to write a blog post about free Wi-Fi places and need somewhere quiet.

Super Coin Laundry (4138 N. Broadway St.)

Do your laundry and be entertained -- this laundromat trumps all other laundromats. It's a multi-tasker's paradise. Seriously. Aside from free Wi-Fi, there are two public computers available, a classic Ms. Pacman game, and an upright piano that the owner is known to play. 

Getting your chores done (while playing video games, and listening to a live concert, and answering those emails) has never been easier. 

The Wormhole (1462 N. Milwaukee Ave.)


I had no idea Wormhole even existed until a couple of months ago. The exterior is unassuming -- to me at least -- with open windows being the only real distinguishable difference between it and the building next door. But the name alone is enough to entice anyone to enter.

The interior is any geeks fantasy. Straight ahead on the back wall, you'll see a restored Delorean chilling in the loft space. Posters and knick-knacks featuring Ghost Busters, Star Wars, and all things nerd are displayed in every nook and cranny of the cafe. Open 7:00 a.m to 11:00 p.m. every single day, the cozy environment, internet accessibility, and coffee that tastes and looks good, makes Wormhole a great place for all ages.

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