Beer Brewing

Come to Union Station this Saturday August 23rd for the Bacon, Beer & Sports Celebration. Need I say more? Seriously, do I?

Although chances are most readers just cleared their Saturday schedules and closed out of this window, I'll go on to explain a little more about Bacon, Beer, & Sports for those of you who are still with me.

The Hat Trick of Awesomeness comes back to Union Station this Saturday from 3 - 6 p.m. to offer Chicago the three greatest things on earth. The ticket to Bacon, Beer, & Sports is $55, and that includes ... everything! So come hungry for bacon and thirsty for some brews.

Let me break this down for you. First, the Bacon part:

Inside, you'll be fed some of the most delicious bacon concoctions from over 20 of Chicago's top restaurants and chefs. Even better, Hormel Black Label Bacon will be handing out 100 coupons for a FREE pack of bacon, and 72 physical packs of bacon! Believe or not, bacon does taste better when it's free.

Keep an eye out for some free shirts from Hormel as well! Now, one of my favorite baconologists Lance Avery of Big Fork Brands will be there serving up his famous Bacon Sausage. Yeah, combining a delicious meat with another delicious meat and then encasing it. You can drool now, it's perfectly normal.

Now for the Sports:

Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and more. They're all covered. Plenty of games will even be set up for you to test your skills. RedEye Chicago will have three Pop-A-Shots set up for you to fine tune your jump shot. It's never too late. The highest scores take home prizes!

How's your backhand? Because Killerspin will be in attendance to see just how good you are at a game of ping-pong. If shooting jump shots or playing pong just isn't manly enough for you, don't worry, there's a Man Crate's Challenge. Six lucky contestants will get to see how fast they can open a man crate with a crowbar. Told you they had all the sports covered. Even the Brandon Marshall Foundation will be partake in the festivities as they hand out signed Brandon Marshall memorabilia to the patrons with the best end-zone dance!

Finally, the Beer:

There'll be tastings from over 25 craft breweries! The extensive list of the breweries willing to wet all the bacon loving tongues can be see in this list. Like I said, extensive. To keep all those beers cold, be sure to hashtag #baconsportsbeer for your chance to win some beer koozies. The only thing that goes better with beer than bacon is dancing. And DJ Tony Tone will have you dancing like it hurts to stand still.

So be sure to make it to Union station this Saturday and enjoy the finer things in life like Bacon, Sports, and Beer. Buy your tickets now!