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If I have to hear one more person complain about Valentine's Day, I might get annoyed. I mean, Valentine's Day is just like any other holiday-it is what you make it. Who says couples are the only ones who get to have fun this February 14? I'll share with you my step-by-step guide on how to have fun in the most fabulous city in the world, with or without a beau.

Put Out the Single Person Bat-Signal

Even though it might not feel like it, there are other single people out there who think sitting in footie pajamas with a gallon of ice cream sounds lame. Find these people. They are your best friends tonight.

Find a Fierce New Outfit

Granted I'll take any excuse to buy a fabulous new outfit, but being single on Valentine's Day is one of the more legitimate ones I've used. Look sexy, feel sexy; it's as simple as that, and Chicago has a killer fashion scene to help you along the way. I recommend some staple spots like Penelope's, The Shops at North Bridge, and Bazar to get you on the sassy train for this holiday.

Drink Margaritas Out of a Large Glass

Cesar's Killer Margaritas is the perfect place to start your single people's celebration. It's colorful, festive, has killer Mexican cuisine and the smallest margarita you can order is extra-large. Grab a table and a couple of mega-sized margs to start your night off right. Safety tip-mega margaritas go best with a burrito.

Sing Karaoke

Nothing frees one's spirit quite like belting out "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" in front of 100 strangers. That's why your next stop on the single people's tour should be at Trader Todd's, a karaoke tiki bar walking distance from Cesar's. With its tropical specialty drinks and extensive list of karaoke hits, you can be a superstar this Valentine's Day.

Dance ‘till You Drop

After your fabulous pop star debut, tear yourself away from your legions of fans to hit the late night dance gem, Berlin. Dark, loud, and full of glitter, Berlin encourages patrons to be who they are and dance like nobody's watching. Better yet, it's open till 4AM!

Take a Multi-Vitamin and Go to Sleep

After this much partying, you need to replenish for another day in the most fabulous city around. 

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