Girls Night Out
Yes, that’s right ladies. There is nothing wrong with being a single female on Valentine’s Day. Let’s be honest. Would you rather wait around to see if that cute guy you've been texting from Tinder finally asks you out and then sit through a mediocre dinner date? Or would you rather spend the evening with someone who you actually enjoy spending time with? Someone who already thinks you’re hilarious. That’s right, call up your lady friends and get pumped for a girls night out.

Step 1: Drinks at RA

Valentine’s Day is on Friday and since you and all your lady friends are strong, working females, plan to get the night started with happy hour after work. Since everyone is likely going dutch, let’s try to keep these day-of-romance costs to a minimum. Personally, I’m a proponent of RA’s happy hour. But guess what, they have “happy hour” prices for drinks ALL DAY LONG. Keep that in your back pocket. Head over to RA for as many $5 glasses of wine as you’d like and then saddle up for a tasty dinner.

Step 2: Dinner


I love a meal to pine over. Now, it is Valentine’s Day and many places are booked up weeks in advance, so I’ll throw out a few ideas and leave it up to you to see if there’s still availability. I’d suggest investigating EatalyCafe SpiaggiaBlue Agave or just stay put and eat at RA, they have great sushi. If none of those work out, check out this post for more Valentine’s Day focused dining options. No matter what you choose, make sure to get desert. Do it, splurge. It’s Valentine’s Day, indulge in any sweet delight that tickles your fancy.


Step 3: Grab A Show

Now that you’re feeling good on a few drinks and have satisfied your appetite, keep the good times coming with laughter! Here are three comedy shows I’d recommend checking out this weekend. I firmly stand behind all of them, but if you're feeling rowdy, definitely try to get tickets to Thirsty.

Step 4: Choose Your Own Adventure

So this is the part of the evening, depending on how late it is, that you can “choose your own adventure.”

Option 1: Go out dancing and keep the libations flowing. Stay out and keep the night pumping at Chicago Reader's 5th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Party for just $20, and embark upon a night of "dancing and debauchery" with Goose Island and Southern Comfort Cherry samples from 8-9PM. Now that's an anti-Valentine's Day plan.

Option 2: Still got the blues? Kingston Mines (2548 N. Halsted) is one of the Chicago's oldest and largest blues bars, and it stays open late with great live blues music. Grab a table, grab another drink, and keep this night a-rolling! 

Option 3: Go back to someone’s apartment, put on sweatpants (because that’s what we REALLY want to be wearing), crack open a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and flip on reruns of Sex and The City. I’m not promoting Sarah Jessica Parker, but I will say that if there’s anything Sex and The City confirms, it’s that girlfriends are way better than boyfriends anyway. You can churn through boyfriends, but if you have good girlfriends, you’ve always got a date.

I mean, really, who could be a better date than your best friends? Exactly. Ladies, don’t dread Friday, embrace it. You already have lots of love in your life, go have fun. Mic drop. I’m out.