Evita, Broadway in Chicago
What's new, Buenos Aires? Well, the brand new tour of the iconic rock musical Evita, that's what's new. This big-budget production began in London, moved to Broadway and has launched its first national "rainbow" tour at Chicago's Oriental Theatre.
This is an impressive production with full orchestra, new orchestrations, lush sets and a dedicated performance in Caroline Bowman as the polarizing Argentine political leader Eva Perón. With the setting in Argentina, the throbbing tango makes a constant appearance in this high-energy production.
While the ending isn't all sunshine an rainbows (spoiler alert: Evita dies from cancer at the age of 33), it's a fascinating tale of how far hunger and ambition can take one. Plus, there's the heartfelt ballad, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" that, as delivered by Bowman, makes you quickly forget about Madonna's misdirected interpretation in the 1996 film (goodness -- was that really 17 years ago??)   

To make an Evita evening of it, check out Mercadito for some savory Latin dishes -- I recommend a traditional Margarita paired with their savory pork belly taco. 

Evita plays through October 6 at the Oriental Theatre. Ticket prices are $27 to $90. Groups of 10+ are now on sale by calling Broadway In Chicago Group Sales at 312-977-1710. More info here>