Fieldhouse Jones

Many travelers, young and old, opt to stay in hostels to save money. If you’re used to a more luxurious travel experience, you might be turned off by the idea of a hostel. But Fieldhouse Jones is no ordinary hostel. Located between Chicago’s prime Gold Coast and Old Town neighborhoods, the building is part hostel, part hotel, part Airbnb, and completely unlike any other space in the city.



FIELDHOUSE JONES: Sleep Local - Eat Local - Drink Local

Fieldhouse Jones

Inside of an 11-story long historic building, this innovative lodging solution overlooks a private park. Fieldhouse Jones Chicago doesn’t just provide a place to sleep and stash your suitcase. There’s a lounge in the lobby, a trendy coffee bar, the ‘Janitor’s Closet Speakeasy,’ and a game room in the basement.

Fieldhouse Jones

All of the food and drinks are locally sourced. The coffee bar roasts ethically picked coffee beans right here in Chicago. Craft beer, kombucha and bagels are also all locally made. Local artwork around the building includes graffiti and a wooden tennis-racket installation.

There’s a large event space in the building that can be rented out, which has slot-car racing lanes and a state-of-the-art kitchen. There are endless places to hang out and meet your neighbors. It’s difficult to feel lonely here!

The building’s unique concept dates back to the 1850s. During this time, Chicago’s first public parks were introduced to the city. Fieldhouses were constructed in the parks so that people could get together, even in harsh winter weather. These places were open for all to enjoy and gather. Like in Fieldhouse Jones, there were gyms, cafeterias and multipurpose spaces.

Fieldhouse Jones

At Fieldhouse Jones, you can rent a bunk bed, or a studio, one or two bedroom apartment. There are tons of options, depending on your living preferences. Each room type is stylish, clean and vintage-inspired.

Single bunks start at just $23 per night. Guests can use the money they saved to explore everything that Chicago has to offer.



312 W. Chestnut Street
Chicago, IL 60610




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