Volleyball at the Beach

Forget Friday, friends. It's time to get down on Sunday. There is a reason that Sunday is the only weekend day that rhymes with funday. It means that you are supposed to take advantages of your last sweet day of freedom, and not by cleaning or preparing for the week ahead. Instead, squeeze every mimosa flavored drop of fabulous-ness out of the weekend, and enjoy a Sunday Funday to remember. Don't worry, Funday amateurs, let a seasoned pro (that's me!) show you how it's done!


Eggy's Breakfast

You must start with brunch. It's a rule. I have a few go-to places that feature decadent food and great service. They include The Breakfast Club (1351 W. Hubbard St.), Taverna 750 in Boystown, Broadway Cellars in Edgewater, and Eggy's Diner downtown. They all offer outdoor seating for those beautiful days and are willing to accommodate parties of all sizes. They also ensure that your mimosas are refreshed in a timely fashion, which is ever important.

Post Brunch Beach Time


Brunch is usually the only scheduled activity of the day but - let's face it - a lot can happen between meals. You need to make sure to get your Vitamin D, so continue the outdoor celebration at the beach. My favorite party-ready beaches are North Avenue beach (with the fabulous Castaways Bar and Grill to help you get off the sand) and Hollywood Beach in Edgewater. On a beautiful day, both spots will be packed with Funday enthusiasts.


I don't know what's more fun than belting along with Patti Lupone, do you? You don't, because there is NOTHING more fun than that, unless you're belting "Happy Days" with Streisand and Garland. No matter your diva icon, hit up Sidetrack Video Bar on Sunday afternoon for a Broadway marathon. That's right, Sidetrack will play showtunes all night, and singing is not only encouraged, it's practically required.

Cool Off With Some Authentic Chicago Blues

Kingston Mines

Wow, things got pretty divalicious at Sidetrack. I mean, did you see that Mariah wannabe ordering the bartender to pick the strawberries out of her smoothie? It's time to cool down at another of my favorite establishments, Kingston Mines. The music starts early at Kingston on Sundays, and if you get there before 8PM, there is no cover charge. It's the perfect music venue to end out a day that, somehow, has become night.

Grab a Slice of Pizza and Head Home


You funday-ed all the way until evening, you saucy minx, you! On your way home, stop by Bacci in Wrigleyville for a slice of pizza as big as your face (you'll start your diet tomorrow). Then hit the hay-don't you have to work in the morning?!

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