Reckless Records

Chicago is a musical epicenter of the country, and notjust for its local talent and music venues. Take a trip around Chicago's trendy neighborhoods to track down some of the best record stores in the city on this lovely Saturday afternoon. We've got it all mapped out for you.

Reckless Records - (26 E. Madison St, 1532 N. Milwaukee Ave, and 3161 N. Broadway)

With locations in Wicker Park, Lakeview, and the Loop, at Reckless Records you'll have no problem scratching your itch for some new music. Their extremely intelligent and knowledgeable staff makes them one of the best in Chicago. If they don't have the record you're looking for, they are eager to call their other locations to see if they have it elsewhere.

Rock, pop, blues, and funk are Reckless Records' forte. Besides vinyls, the three shops also have good amount of CDs and DVDs available. Be sure to check out any of their three locations; you won't be disappointed.

Laurie's Planet of Sound - 4639 N Lincoln Ave

Now here's a record store with some character. People love this Lincoln Square shop because it makes you feel like you're part of one of the various 80's and 90's movies that take place in a record shop. This music mecca is known for their bulk. When other record stores get picked over, Laurie's is well stocked and ready to help you find a handful of good records.

On top of the great music selections, Laurie's Sound Planet has a hilarious and unique assortment of t-shirts, pins, toys, patches, music memorabilia, and more. If you are in the mood to sell them some records, be sure it doesn't fall under their hilarious "Do Not Buy Never Ever" list before you make them an offer.

The Dusty Groove - 1120 N. Ashland Ave.

Dusty Groove

This Wicker Park music hub has received some high accolades for their great selection and ease of finding the music genres you want. So what kind of accolades? Well, they were rated amongst best record shop in America by Rolling Stone Magazine.

The Dusty Groove has a great story starting with its founding in 1996. Opened as an online shop out of the founders' apartments, The Dusty Groove, then named Dusty Groove America, sold and shipped vinyl records out of their apartment. Later that same year, demand got so high that they hired more employees, bought a small space to store their records, and opened the space to the public once a month to make sales in person. From there on out, The Dusty Groove snowballed into the storefront business it is today.

The Dusty Groove specializes in world music with a selection to make any music collector's heart skip a beat. Most of their albums are Brazilian, African, jazz, blues, funk and soul. Even with this wide variety of unique music, the Dusty Groove does a great job with keeping their store clean and collections organized. They keep their music library online as well, so if perusing and shopping from home is more comfortable for you, take a look online!

Dave's Records - 2604 N Clark St

Dave's Records, where records mean records, or as the sign on Dave's Records' doors so elegantly puts it, "NO CDs!!!!!" Located on Clarke Street in Lincoln Park, Dave's Records offers a great selection of old and new music. A little pricier than the other stores, customers rely on Dave's 25 years of experience and record buying and supplying to help you find a great vinyl. If you're in the area, it's worth checking out as it was also featured in Rolling Stone's ranking of best record shops in the U.S.