Millennium Park Workouts

You like staying fit and active, even when on vacation. I get it--well, not really--but I understand that muscle building, fat burning, and health consciousness don't always take breaks. At first, staying fit during a visit to Chicago can seem overwhelming with a seemingly infinite variety of hot dogs, pizza, and beer around every corner. But I promise you, this city is as fit as it is fabulous and I'll show you the way.

Follow a healthy diet.


Diet is one of the first steps in the road to being fit and healthy. Pizza, hot dogs and booze aside, Chicago actually has a killer vegan restaurant scene. Victory’s Banner in Roscoe Village has delicious vegan food, amazing coffee and tea, and a dreamy Zen-like atmosphere. Chicago Diner revamps all of our diner favorites, like burgers and nachos into vegan delights. They also have some of the best deserts you will ever taste, and guess what; they’re vegan! For a few more vegetarian-friendly dining options, click here.

Take a workout class.

Millennium Park Workout

Think you need a membership to get a great workout? Think again. Chicago has plenty of options to keep you exercising, with or without a gym membership. Try one of the many free workout classes held in Millennium Park throughout the summer. Classes include Zumba, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates. You can also check out Chicago Park District facilities like pools, obstacle courses, or fitness centers. Another option is to try popular fitness clubs like Flirty Girl Fitness, which offers a pay-by-class plan.

Take advantage of the Lakefront Trail.

The Lakefront Trail - Chicago

The famous Chicago Lakefront Trail is an 18-mile running, walking, biking, or any other non-electric or gas powered mode of transportation paradise. Run, walk, bike, skate, crab-walk, just use your body to travel, and you’ll be using this Chicago icon to its fullest potential. Enjoy stunning views of Lake Michigan as you travel, and stop at one of the many convenient water stations, beaches, or brilliant views of the city. If you do not have wheels suitable for this trail, you can rent a bike at Chicago Bike and Roll

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