Pizza Lou Malnati

I want to kiss the evil genius that thought up pizza. My existential crises generally stem from the question, "Can one eat too much pizza?" The answer I've settled on is a resounding no, and I'm not the only one. Chicagoans go crazy for their pizza, and to prove it, another evil genius christened "National Pizza Week." In honor of this hallowed holiday running through Sunday - and in case you needed another excuse to eat pizza - I've compiled a list of Chicago pizza joints that will feed your addiction in the best way possible.


Giordano's is perhaps the most recognizable pizza in the city. Their deep dish is the stuff of legends, the kind of cheesy, decadent deliciousness that people cross states for. With a number of locations throughout the city, it's easy to get your yearly intake of sweet, gooey cheese.

Lou Malnati's

The Malnatis are certainly an iconic family around Chicago. They specialize in the deep dish pizza that made Chicago foodie famous, and I, personally, think they do it the best. With a buttery soft crust and just the right thickness, Lou knows his pizza.

Frasca Pizzeria & Wine Bar 

Frasca Pizza

Whether you're planning a night out with friends, weekend brunch with family or an intimate evening, Frasca is the perfect place to relax and enjoy great food and wine.  The inviting Lakeview restaurant features wood-fired specialty pizzas, Italian cuisine and a large selection of vino. Better yet, Frasca has deals and events all week long in honor of National Pizza Week. Check out their schedule for the week here.

Piece Pizzeria and Brewery

It may not be Chicago deep dish, but Piece certainly knows how to spice up a classic. Specializing in huge, table spanning thin crust pizzas, Piece not only serves up delectable grub, but makes a mean beer to boot.

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder's Co

Chicago Pizza Oven Grinder

This is home to Chicago's most classic pizza pot pie. The interior of the Lincoln Park location was redone by owner Albert Beaver who purchased the building in 1972 that had previously been ravaged by fire, which now holds a warm feel with paneled aromatic pine. Chicago's Pizza and Oven Grinder's Co does not take reservations but is still a crowded and fun place to be during the week and especially the weekends. Once you try pizza pot pie, you won't go back!


Imagine a piece of pizza as big as your face. Dreams do come true at Bacci, a classic joint kitty corner to Wrigley Field. Bacci's huge slices are, quite possibly, the biggest reason I go to Wrigleyville in the first place. This pizza is worth the "L" ride.

Home Run Inn

In 1947, on the South Side of Chicago, history was made in the form of pizza. The first Home Run Inn pizza restaurant opened just west of the corner of 31st and Pulaski and forever changed the way Chicagoans eat their pizza. Home Run Inn is so good that they're able to freeze and sell the things all over the area. Check out where Chicago's favorite pizza got its start.

Pequod's Pizza

Their motto is "Crispy Cheese Crust or Bust," which I'm adopting as my newest daily affirmation. When I told a friend that I was writing an article about pizza in Chicago and hadn't yet included Pequod's, he stopped talking to me for three days. That's how strong the Pequod's passion is here in the city. Pequod's "pan pizza with a caramelized crust" is the stuff that pizza lovers fantasize about.