EXPO Chicago 2012 - BlogFolkert de Jong's Operation Harmony (2008) courtesy of James Cohan Gallery

This autumn, Navy Pier's enormous Festival Hall will host over 100 of the top contemporary and modern art galleries in the world. From September 20-23rd visitors are invited to gaze upon pieces that will make their jaws drop! Works that will make their heads spin! And, weird stuff that will give them pause in a way they're not totally comfortable with! 

Support the Locals

EXPOSURE, a section of the fair devoted to up-and-coming galleries, will feature of pair of Chicago's art showcases of the future. The Mission, located in Wicker Park, features artists from Latin America and their "Sub-Mission" basement which is exclusively open to artists living in Chicago. Also featured at EXPOSURE is the West Loop's much ballyhooed Andrew Rafazs Gallery (formerly Bucket Rider Gallery) recognizes internationally acclaimed artists like Scott Wolniak and Jason Lazarus.  

Eat Awesome Food

EXPO CHICAGO/2012 will feature food as aesthetic as the gallery walls with the Michael Kornick-curated Chef's Café. Guests will be invited to try an assorted mix of signature dishes by Graham Elliot (g.e.b., Graham Elliot, and Grahamwich), Ryan Poli (Tavernita), Patricio Sandoval (Mercadito) and Kornick himself who's acclaimed for his work with DMK, Fish Bar, and Ada St. amongst others.

Buy Something Absurdly Expensive

You know the old saying: "A pictures worth a thousand words, unless it's a REALLY good picture, then it's worth, like, a million dollars." Or something like that. Montreal's Landau Fine Art is expected to bring works by Picasso, Kandinsky, Matisse and Magritte. Perhaps you've heard of them? Some of exhibitor's more expensive pieces are purported to be in the $10M-$20M price range.

EXPO CHICAGO/2012 Fun Tip: Bring your credit card! The black one!

For more information on EXPO CHICAGO/2012, click here. For a detailed events calendar for all-things artsy while you're in town, click here.