Chosen Few DJs Picnic

Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, house music was birthed right here in Chicago. As you already know, it didn't take long for this new dance genre to spread across the globe and today house music still thrives from Chicago all the way from the South to the North sides. That rings truest during the Chosen Few DJs annual Family Reunion Picnic over the July 6 weekend. Founded in 1990, the Chosen Few DJs Picnic is one of the largest single-day dance festivals in the country, raking in up to 30,000 attendees every year.

For background, the Chosen Few DJs are a tight knit group of DJs and producers from the south side of Chicago that formed around the time house music came to exist. Made up of Wayne Williams, Jesse Saunders, Alan King, Tony Hatchet, Andre Hatchet, Terry Hunter and Mike Dunn, the Chosen Few keeps the genre's roots alive and influences the current crop of artists putting their own spin - literally - on house music today.

The Chosen Few DJs Picnic is unique in several ways, one being that it's the only dance festival in Chicago that labels itself as a "picnic" rather than something like a rave or a place to totally wild out. As this has been going on since 1990, the Picnic really does have the feel of a family reunion - one that brings friends and family together on a giant grassy dance floor. Music fans from the world over take to the festival, setting up tents and picnics of their own throughout the day. It's a vibe that you truly don't get from any other fest in town.

Chosen Few DJs Picnic

This year not only will the Chosen Few DJs be spinning sets but they'll be bringing in other local gems such as Ron Trent and Greg Gray along with revered national artists like Crystal Waters.
The Chosen Few DJs Picnic takes place in Jackson Park just off S. Lakeshore Dr. on July 6. Tickets start at just $20 with packages for parking and tent spaces also available. If you're still on the fence, remember that there are plenty of electronic dance music festivals and events in Chicago every summer but this is the one that started them all! Check the Picnic's website for more information.

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