Chicago Ideas Week - Blog

On the calendar, October 8-14 looks like any other week in Chicago. But it's not. For starters, it's David Lee Roth's birthday week but, more importantly, it's Chicago Ideas Week. In honor of this much-anticipated event, we're dropping some knowledge on what to do and who to see.

What's Chicago Ideas Week? Well, I'm glad that you asked or, in this case, clicked "continue reading." It's a call to action, an attempt to ignite change the best way we know how - by getting a bunch of really smart, engaging and inspiring people in a room together to talk about IDEAS. The event offers lectures and Q&A sessions by inventors, scientists, politicians, and celebrities alike. There are also hands-on exhibitions and labs to ignite your brain's inner lightbulb. For a detailed calendar of events, locations and speakers, click here.

Our Suggested Itineraries

With countless venues, speakers and topics it helps to have a little guidance. We'd hate to stifle creativity and free thought, especially on Ideas Week. But, let's face it - we're all more comfortbale on the open road with a working GPS. 

For the "Future is Bright" Crowd
Check out Scientific Breathroughs: Quantum Leaps for a rundown on everything from civilian space travel to curing cancer. Seriously. To bundle lectures and interactive labs suggested by Physician and New York Times Bestseller Deepak Chopra, click here.

The Urban Explorer
What does the future hold for America's major cities? How do we fix or fledgling school system? A panel of experts attempt to answer these and other conjectural curiosities with four lectures and three labs scattered throughout Chicago Ideas Week. Don't miss Disruptive Innovation: Reinventing Our World, a presentation made directly from distributors on challenging the status quo, taking risks and building markets.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy Has Suggestions, Too!
This Pakistani-Canadian journalist/filmmaker won an Academy Award earlier this year for her film Saving Face. Now, she's in Chicago to recommend stories of radical educators who changed the world by standing for something. Don't miss Criminal Justice: Beyond the Verdict, an exhibition the psychology of crime, the mind of a criminal, and what needs to be done to protect human rights. For Obaid-Chinoy's other suggestions, click here.

Ticket Tip

Depending on your interests, ticket prices vary and start at $15. Some events have already sold out, so make sure to check out their website for online ticket purchase. Like the event's mission to push original ideas, the ticket purchasing system is innovative. The system tells you what events are sold out and using a red, yellow, and green coding system, will tell you the availability of open events. So if you see that little red bar and you like the topic, best to click that buy button!