Chicago Gospel Music Festival: May 29-31, 2015

Gospel music has been an important part of Chicago’s cultural and social fabric since the 1920s and it remains a vibrant force throughout the city. The annual Chicago Gospel Music Festival is coming up from May 29-31 and you’ll want to plan to stop by Millennium Park for at least one or two performances during the weekend.

There are many highlights amidst the three days of performances and I’d recommend a couple in particular if you’re pressed for time. Out of these many talents, I’d suggest checking out Ricky Dillard (8:45 p.m., May 29, above), Richard Smallwood and Vision (8:45 p.m., May 31) and Chicago’s own The Brown Sisters (2:25 p.m., May 31).

During the weekend, visitors to the Gospel Music Festival can also wander through the art fair and marketplace, check out the kids activity zone, and more. 

Chicago Gospel Festival

Those folks who might be less familiar with gospel music would do well to read this overview of gospel history from the Encyclopedia of Chicago and also peruse this fine piece by musicologist Rorbert M. Marovich.

It promises to be an amazing celebration of song, community and just good times, so make sure and swing by Millennium Park to share in the joy with thousands of other people from Chicago and beyond.