Women's Funny Festival

It's no secret that Chicago is home to many funny ladies. Look at Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Amy Sedaris. They all got their comedic starts here in Chicago. Well, the city is keeping the tradition alive with its 2nd Annual Women's Funny Festival at Stage 773 in Lakeview (June 6-9). The festival is four full days of incredible comedy, featuring acts in stand-up, improv, sketch, and one woman show. In a world too often dominated by men, these hilarious women are daring, honest, wacky and will have you laughing all weekend. What a great way to start your summer!


This year's festival is pretty stand-up heavy, with every comedienne exhibiting some major comic chops. The stand-ups come from all over, with a bevy of different life experiences on which to offer their unique view. The winner from Last Comic Standing: Africa, Nia Munbato, performs, along with several Canadian comics and comics from all over the states. Throw in some of our favorite local ladies, like Reena Calm, Kelsie Huff, and Megan Gailey, and this lineup will forever expel the myth that "girls just are not that funny."


Making the audience laugh, think, and follow a story all in under five minutes? That's no easy task, my friends, but this year's sketch comedy groups promise to deliver all through the festival. From shows centered around romantic struggles to codependent friendships, this band of sketch troupes will provide unforgettable sets about the female experience (and a few about the male one). Some groups to watch are Sweet Tired Kitten, Just the Tip, Snooty Pageant, Feminine Gentlemen, Gretchen and Regina, and Mrs.


It's the kind of comedy that Chicago made famous. The inhabitants of this city are the best improv-ers in the country, and these female troupes are the cream of the crop. Improv shows are guaranteed to be fast-paced, funny, and interactive, so check out some of Chicago's finest: Improvised Jane Austen, Crush, Brouhaha, Lady Jam Sandwich, and Los Improviachis.

One Woman

These ladies are strong enough to take the stage by themselves. Performing and writing powerful and funny shows about their lives, these women's stories will make you laugh, cry, and cheer. Check out Danielle Wheeler: D-Tales, Mandy Whitenach Presents: Oh Sh*t, Kate Alicia Wadsworth is Single Forever, Claudia Michelle Wallace is Older, Black, Bolder, Wiser? and I'm Different, Not Dumb. 

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