So what are all these baby blue bikes popping up all over the place? If you haven't seen them, don't worry, you will. These bikes belong to you! Well, you and the rest of the city of Chicago. The cleverly named bike sharing program, Divvy, allows locals, commuters, and visitors of Chicago to use a different kind of public transportation to travel around the city.

Bike sharing is unlike most public transportation options so it may sound confusing, but don't worry, it's actually quite simple. Divvy breaks it down in five easy steps.

Step No. 1: Join

There are a couple options for joining Divvy. For locals, you can purchase an annual pass for only $75. With the annual pass, each and every ride you take up to thirty minutes is included in registration. The rest of the times and prices are as follows:

  • 30-60 mins. = $1.50
  • 60-90 mins. = $4.50
  • Each additional 30 mins After 90 mins  = $6.00

If you are visiting Chicago or don't think you will be a frequent user, you can purchase a daily pass. Using the Divvy service for twenty-four hours will only cost you $7.00. This also includes unlimited thirty minute bike rides as well. Once again, the rest of the times and prices are as follows:

  • 30-60 mins. = $2.00
  • 60-90 mins. = $6.00
  • Each additional 30 mins after 90 mins = $8.00

Step No. 2: Unlock Your Bike

It's as easy as that. Annual users swipe the card they are given after joining and daily pass users enter a code on any dock with an available bike. After the card has been swiped or code as been entered, the bike will be unlocked and freed by the user.

Step No. 3: Take a Ride

Take the sturdy, three-speed bike for a spin. This bike is equipped with a front basket and a back light that automatically turns on when you begin to pedal for safe travels. It also has a low mid-bar for painless and easy mounting.

Step No. 4: Return Your Wheels

You can return your bike to any of the Divvy stations located around the city. Currently, there are sixty-eight stations, but the number is already set to quadruple in just a few years. Just pop the bike into an open dock and wait for the green light to show that the bike has been successfully locked. The docking stations are constantly monitored by Divvy employees to make sure there are always the right amount of bikes and spaces at each and every location.

Step No. 5: Repeat

As long as your ride is under thirty minutes, take an unlimited amount of trips during your membership or daily pass period for no additional charge.

In a world where we have been accustomed to a train, a bus, or a cab as public transportation, Divvy is a unique way to travel around the city that's easy on your wallet, proving that it's always better to share. It's a lot of fun too.

For more information about Divvy, click here.

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