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Executive Chef/Partner Anthony Martin of TRU is a culinary god. My experience dining at TRU in Chicago's Streeterville neighborhood was one of magic and whimsy. Yes, I know that sounds rather dramatic, but it's true!

Each course of Chef Anthony's tasting menu was met with such anticipation. Did you hear that one of his caviar courses floats? Not in water, but in the air. It actually levitates. It's incredible. The dish, consisting of house-made potato crisp, crème fraiche and reserve Kaluga caviar, momentarily floats in the air before softly landing on its pedestal.

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Look at that Caviar levitate!

What will he do next? White sturgeon prepared like caviar in perfect pearl shape served over avocado with hazelnut crackers. Yes, please.

Oh, you'd like to offer me butternut squash soup served in a pumpkin with white truffle and parmesan crisps? How could I resist? And don't even get me started on the ancho cured duck breast with sour cherry and tangerine.

And this was just the beginning of a multi-course gastronomic adventure.

Each dish was perfectly paired with wine selected by sommelier Jennifer Tietz. Now, I'm no wine expert - not even close. And that's part of the beauty at TRU, you don't need to be. Jennifer is there to give you an overview of all the flavors you'll taste and why it pairs so well with the course. She is incredibly charming and happy to answer questions, of which we had many.

We gasped and giggled and smiled all the way through our meal. I'll be perfectly honest. When I was first seated in the dining room, I was afraid I might break something or be rather obvious that I was new to this über-chic way of dining. But having fun is part of TRU's mission. That was the most delightful surprise of all.

While each dish is a piece of art, it's meant to be enjoyed and at times, even laughed at. Dehydrated fruit, like a grown-up fruit roll-up, is served on a linen line and called "Linens Out To Dry." Now that's funny stuff!

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"Linens out to Dry"

TRU, recipient of a 2012 Michelin Star, offers three-course prix fixe or multi-course collection
tasting menus.