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Art and wine--they could be two of the best things on the planet. Ever wonder what would happen if someone combined the two? Finally all of you aesthetically inclined wine aficionados or wine inclined art aficionados can rejoice! Bottle and Bottega is a magical land where painting and Pinot Grigio combine into a whirlwind evening.

The premise of the Chicago-based company is "art uncorked," and they to provide a creative outlet for adults and kids who seek an escape from the bland "real world" of assignments and 9-5s. Each class comes equipped with paints and canvas, along with step-by-step instructions on how to create a masterpiece of your very own. And that is not even the best part. Each class is BYOB, just in case you, like Van Gogh, need some grape nectar to awaken your inner muse.

Public Painting Parties

The Public Painting Parties are the basic BYOB class offered, and they provide a chance for artists of all skill levels (or lack thereof) to learn to create a work of art. The event lasts three hours, with a two and a half hour painting instruction session.

Learn Something New

The artsy chain also has a number of other, more specialized events to help you channel your inner Bob Ross (hairstyle optional). On Tuesday nights at the Lakeview location, you can join in on Tapas and Art Tuesday, where tapas are added to the mix, courtesy of Mercando's restaurant. The South Loop location hosts Thai and Art Tuesday, with Thai appetizers provided by Ma & I. Other events include "Mondays with the Masters" or "Ode to Van Gogh," which examine and emulate a specific artist's style.

Meet Someone Special

If you're looking for painting for a duo, check out the "Couples and BFF Night" at both city locations. If you're unattached and looking to mingle, try the "Single and Mingle Party" at the Lakeview location on Saturday afternoons. The company even hosts children's art events. Bottle and Bottega also is available to host private parties, from corporate events to bachelorette parties. For class schedules and private party information, it's easy to find a calendar for every location on the website,

Bottle and Bottega has five locations in the Chicago area, with three in the suburbs and two located in the city. Both city locations are easily accessible by public transit and have events almost every day. The Lakeview location is less than a mile west of the Wellington Brown Line stop and the South Loop location is steps from the Roosevelt Red, Green, and Orange lines. What a great way to get artistic this season!