Wrigley Field

Wrigleyville is well-known for its party atmosphere to Chicago residents, but it's also a mecca of culture. Your Chicago trip isn't complete without a visit to historic Wrigley Field, but there's so much more you can get out of a visit to Wrigleyville. Here's what an ideal journey through Wrigleyville might look like:

Brunch: Hutch American Bistro


If you've got a long day planned, you'd better fuel up before it starts. Your best bet for a Wrigleyville brunch is at Hutch American Bistro. Hutch is technically in Lakeview, but you're going to be happy for the walk to work off their chicken and waffles. Or scramblers with breakfast potatoes. $10 will get you an endless (well ... I think you have a 2.5 hour limit) carafe of mimosas. Not that you're going to need any extra booze, but it's nice to keep in mind.


Shopping: Wrigleyville Sports

You can't leave Wrigleyville without some type of Chicago sports souvenir. Wrigleyville Sports is your go-to with some of the best prices on Chicago Cubs, Blackhawks, Bulls, and White Sox apparel. And it's right by the stadium!


Music: Cubby Bear

Cubby Bear

Cubby Bear is first and foremost known as the best pregame spot before attending a Cubs game. Drinks are probably half the price you would pay in the stadium, and you're close enough to run over whenever the mood strikes you (for me this is sometime significantly after the game has started. Nine innings is a long time). However, the fun doesn't stop with the drinks. Cubby Bear frequently has high quality music acts - sometimes, tickets are free (look up their "No Dough Shows")!


Entertainment: Wrigley Field

Starlin Castro

As previously mentioned, you can't come to Wrigleyville without attending a Cubs game. Cheap seats can cost anywhere from $10-$30. Plan ahead if at all possible and check pricing on Stubhub.com.


Dinner: Rockit Burger Bar

Rockit Burger Bar

Rockit Burger Bar is home to the famous Mac & Cheese Attack burger. I have had this thing, and it's a monster - two fried mac and cheese "buns" stuffed with a quarter pound black angus burger patty. There's a 100 percent chance your body will need a juice cleanse after today, but don't worry about that now. They tend to run Groupon specials, so make sure to do a quick search before heading over.


Bar: John Barleycorn

John Barleycorn is one of the busiest and most well-known bars in Wrigleyville. If you're sticking around after the game, you'll want to stop here to continue the party. It's a hub for bar crawls (I went to Cupid's Undie Run here last year), so come here if that appeals to you.

Chicago locals - are there any must-hit spots we missed in Wrigleyville? Let us know in the comments!

Photos: Hutch by Alexander Gouletas Photography; Cubby Bear by Adam Alexander; Mac & Cheese Attack burger courtesy of Rockit Burger Bar