Ceres Table

Amidst the veritable cornucopia of restaurants scattered up and down North Broadway in Lakeview, one particular eatery stands out among the crowded field of aspirational young people who have moved to the neighborhood to experience the joys of living by Lake Michigan.

This establishment is Ceres' Table (3124 N. Broadway Street), which is under the able direction of Chef Craig Degel, Pastry Chef Christine McCabe, and their fine team of hosts, servers, and other colleagues. Walking by their storefront, one is immediately impressed by the light and airy appearance of the restaurant's tasteful interior. While they are well-known for their regional Italian dinner fare, might I suggest their brunch options?

On a recent visit, I stopped by to take a look around and to check it out. I was pleasantly surprised to find a range of cocktails, all available for the price of just $5 each. The mimosa was served in a lovely wine glass and Bloody Mary fans may wish to partake of their spiced version, which includes a dose of smoked hot chili sauce.

I'd say to continue on with the breakfast pastry board for the table, even if you're dining along (you're at brunch, after all). The board contains cranberry-vanilla bean scones, apple-cinnamon pop tarts, and blueberry-banana oat muffins. 

Ceres Table

After this elaborate preparation, you can partake of a dozen different breakfast mains. My top honors here go to to the pork and polenta, "Eggs in Purgatory" (poached eggs, tomato sauce, arugula, and crostini) and the rather flavorful "Eggs Toscana". Of course, there are the usual suspects made new again for sides, including a small skillet of browned potatoes and local Nueske's bacon.

Ceres Table

As your meal is complete, feel free to stick around the Lakeview neighborhood to stop by nearby Reckless Records (just next door) or the excellent Booklegger's Used Books down the street for a culinary-themed work of fiction or a Julia Child biography to keep the epicurean exploration going.


Photos: Ceres Table credit IMR Media & Max Grinnell