Andrew W.K.

Ask Andrew W.K. what his yearly New Year's resolution is and he'll answer, "try to be the best person I can be." Now that's a guy we want to ring in 2015 with. 

Luckily, we can and you can too. The front man and professional partier brings his full band to Thalia Hall on December 31. Not familiar with Andrew or need more reasons to believe this show is your best bet for New Year's Eve? He hopped on the phone with us to do some more convincing. 

1. This is Andrew W.K.'s first NYE in Chicago.

"This is our first ever New Year's Eve concert in Chicago. From my history, I hate to say this and insult any other town, but there's been no other town that's been as consistent and as responsive and as party powered as Chicago has been for us. It's never faltered."

2. His Riot Fest performances are so great, the local festival continues to put him on their bill summer after summer. 

"I can't believe they've had us three years in a row. That is extremely rare for any kind of festival let alone one as special as Riot Fest. That's another example of this real, undeniable, brotherly, sisterly kind of partnership that I feel like I've had with Chicago going back as long as I can remember. Growing up in Michigan, with all due respect to Detroit, Chicago was the big city in the Midwest. It was where I traveled with my parents to go see special events, to go to the museums and just have that big city experience. It's been a part of my life for a very long time so to have this kind of relationship with it now all these years later and have it still growing and still building, it really means the world to me. It's hugely important to the party experience for me."

3. He is a bottomless well of positivity and his music is the main reason for that. For more proof of this, read his weekly advice column on The Village Voice.

"Actually what happens [when I go on stage] is what I hold onto and what I refer to when I'm trying to write. I love all forms of expression, of course, and all kinds of creativity and activities all have their place but there's something about music and about being in a room with people engaged deeply in music. There's something about that that's more powerful, more effortless and more direct in creating this unbelievable energy. You can really turn it into whatever you want, I guess, but if decide to go in with the idea of wanting to get cheered up, nothing really comes close."

4. He's friends with famous cat Lil Bub

"It was actually around this time of year in 2011 or 2012 when I first met Lil Bub to record a holiday message to remind folks to support animal shelters. They've got good animals there. People sometimes forget that the most amazing animals in the world are already there. You don't have to track them down or have them made or buy them from some place. They are looking for you already. 

I was just completely amazed by Lil Bub. I was shy. I was starstruck, really! I was just staring at her in between takes and had a nice time with her dude, Mike, and we ended up working together a couple other times. 

I really believe in what she's doing and that she's an amazing animals. People ask me what she's like. She is softer and more gentle and sweet. She's taught me a lot about partying and a lot about having a good spirit."

5. To Andrew W.K., New Year's Eve is about more than just a Champagne toast and party hats.

"New Year's Eve is actually a huge inspiration to me ... Everyone has decided to get together and celebrate this moment. It's not one person's birthday or a certain group's holiday. It's not related to anything except humanity. It's one of the few times that I've consistently seen people I thought I wouldn't get along with or have a reason to be friendly with but there's genuine good will there. Even if it just lasts for a few hours that night, it shows that it's possible."

Buy tickets to his show at Thalia Hall this New Year's Eve and party on. This is a 21+ concert. 

Photo credit: Jonathan Thorpe