Waiting for Godot

Chicago Theatre Week kicked off Feb. 12, offering discounted tickets to over 100 productions across the city through the 22nd. While a few shows are already sold out (like "Marie Antoinette" and The Who's "Tommy") there are still plenty of productions to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.


The Selfish Giant - Image

"The Selfish Giant" at Chicago Children's Theatre

Based on a short story by Oscar Wilde, the production uses puppets and songs to tell the story of a grumpy giant who forbids children from playing in his garden. The absence of children plunges the garden into a seemingly endless winter, with their return being the only way to break the spell and bring back spring. While geared towards children, the masterful art direction and storytelling make the production enjoyable for adults.


Waiting for Godot

"Waiting for Godot" at Court Theatre

Ron OJ Parson directs Samuel Beckett's absurdist classic about the meaning of human existence told through the story of two vagabonds waiting on a country road for a man named Godot. 


Mr Burns: a post-electric play - Image

"Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play" at Theater Wit

In this wonderfully weird ode to pop culture, a catastrophic disaster destroys the world as we know it, leaving a small group of survivors to use their shared experiences-and Simpson's knowledge-to persevere. 


Rapture Goodman CTW new

"Rapture, Blister, Burn" at Goodman Theatre

This Pulitizer Prize finalist centers on grad school friends Catherine and Gwen, who led very different lives after graduation. Catherine focused on a high-profile career, while Gwen became a wife and mother. After a decade of silence, the two reconnect and attempt to trade places.


 First Wives Club

"First Wives Club: The Musical" at Oriental Theatre

This new musical (and pre-Broadway world premiere) is based on the 1996 movie about three friends who realize they were all ditched by their husbands for younger women and vow revenge.