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Halloween's quickly approaching. If you're a young child looking to score some free candy or a fully-grown adult who's wayyy too into comic books, you probably need a new costume. Don't be that guy who dresses like Captain Jack Sparrow every single year, it's played and people are starting to talk. Update your look by venturing over to one of these costume retailers for a boo I mean new scare suit. 


Chicago Costume (1120 West Fullerton Ave.)

Most Halloween retailers are pop-up shops that open and close in October, leaving behind a trail of Darth Vader helmets and glitter pens. Chicago Costume has been in operation since Jimmy Carter was elected, disguising the Near North Side from its DePaul campus storefront. Chicago Costume is one of those catchall costume shops that can operate year-round, whether you're a mall Santa in need of new trousers, planning a masquerade ball, or have aspirations of a do-it-yourself Leprechaun getup for St. Patty's Day.

Fantasy Costumes (4065 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

This place boasts "over one-million items in stock" and we believe it, it's huge (it occupies almost an entire city block). Fantasy's been a go-to for local theatres over the last half century and is a hot spot for celebrity sightings. The costume shop claims to have outifitted everyone from Diana Ross to Dennis Rodman and, during her '09 Fearless Tour, Taylor Swift and then-boyfriend Taylor Lautner stopped by to do their Halloween shopping.

Ragstock (812 W. Belmont Ave.)

Ragstock's not really a costume shop. It's more a thrift store, really. But because of its Lakeview location, this place has developed a reputation for having some of the most eccentric, one-of-a-kind accessories around. You need metallic leggings? Go to Ragstock. ‘90s era windbreakers? Go to Ragstock! Want a perfectly seasoned, pan-seared Tilapia? Don't go to Ragstock, go to a Red Lobster or something.