Improvised Shakespeare Company

The iO Theatre (formerly ImprovOlympic) has long been the champion of improv for improv's sake. While other venues (like The Second City) use off-the-cuff flow as a training methodology, the iO Theatre is all about on-the-spot hilarity. Quick does anyone have an idea for how I should write this story? Go ahead, shout it out! I heard "on the computer."

This fall there are several stellar improv shows. Here are three of them you should definitely check out:

Improvised Shakespeare

Improvised Shakespeare is the best improvised show I've ever seen. Shakespeare once wrote "For those who love, time is eternal," and I hope he's right. I love this show and, hopefully, it lasts forever.

Improvised Shakespeare is exactly what the name implies: a two-act Shakespeare play that is made up on the spot, based on the audience's suggested title.

If you think that's impossible, you'd better get to iO and see it for yourself. The show features some of Chicago's best performers. Here's a video of them working their magic so you can get a taste for the show:

Delicate Men

This show will have to press on without Tim Robinson, who was recently cast as a member on Saturday Night Live. Luckily, the the rest of the cast are all phenominal improvisers in their own right.

Delicate Men doesn't have the strong gimmick of Improvised Shakespeare, but the talent of the cast makes it an unforgettable experience.


To get in the fall spirit, check out this improvised thriller/drinking game. With the tagline, "Action so tense, you'll have to get tight," how can you go wrong?

Hitch-Cocktails creates an original suspense story each week in the vein of its namesake Alfred Hitchcock. It's fun for people who've never seen Hitchcock's films - but if you're well-versed, you'll catch some of their sneakier jokes.