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Author: Courtney Jacquin

Courtney Jacquin spends her days working in marketing for a wellness company and her nights writing and enjoying the beautiful city of Chicago. Her writing has appeared in/on Time Out Chicago, RedEye Chicago, Time Out New York, CS Magazine, Racked and more. After growing up in the northwest suburbs and a short stint in New York, DePaul University brought her back to Chicago for good. Her favorite things do to in Chicago are eat tacos and try to pet all of the dogs. Follow Courtney on Twitter, or head to her website for more.

Chicago Winter Wear

Whether you're here for the weekend or you've been here your whole life, you can never fully prepare for how cold a Chicago winter actually feels.

Luckily, the city is covered in stores that specialize in winter wear and outerwear. So if you find yourself ill-prepared for the brisk wind off Lake Michigan, here are your best bets to protect yourself from the elements.

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