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Find talking points and key messages, as well as tips for contacting and building relationships with legislators.

Talking points and key messages

  • Tourism in Chicago currently represents over 150,000 tourism-related jobs, $16B in direct spending, and $1.07B in tax revenues.
  • Tourism is one of Chicago’s leading industries, a major engine for economic growth and job creation, and a critical part of Chicago’s economic development strategy.
  • Tourism creates jobs that cannot be outsourced and hires people at all education levels.
  • Tourism supports 1 in every 8 American jobs.
  • Tourism is “shovel ready”; in other words, workers can be employed and work can begin immediately.

Connect with legislators

Check our Find Your Legislator page to locate your legislators. You can call, write, meet with, email, or comment on social media to get in touch.

These tips will help you effectively communicate your message and become a priority among all the issues contending for legislator attention:

    1. Personalization: The more personalized you make your request, the more likely you are to be heard. Talk to your legislator about what tourism means to your business, your employees, and you personally.
    2. Simplicity: Using overly complex language can obscure the important message you are trying to communicate.
    3. Relatability: Create bridges by finding relatable common ground, such as friends in common, hometowns, or alma maters.
    4. Authenticity: Talk about real people, real places, and real problems.
    5. Follow up: Send a handwritten note thanking them for their time and highlighting your discussion. Be sure to offer your contact information.
    6. Support: Let legislators know who else is backing your request, and show them the support that’s surrounding the issue.

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