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The State of Illinois is now in its fifth month without a budget and the statutorily mandated state funding for tourism bureaus remains frozen.

The freeze on state funding has already had a devastating impact on the state’s tourism industry. Many bureaus have been forced to reduce staff, shorten or cancel marketing and sales campaigns and close critical sales and marketing offices overseas. All of the momentum we have achieved in making Illinois a top 10 domestic and international tourist destination and the revenue that comes with that will be lost overnight.

As long as the budget impasse continues and funding continues to be withheld, the economic health of the state will be negatively impacted as a result of reduced tourism efforts. As it stands today, this impact will be felt sooner rather than later. As a result of the forward-thinking strategies and initiatives from tourism bureaus throughout Illinois, the state’s visitor industry has become one of the largest and fastest growing industry segments.

  • In 2014 Illinois welcomed 109.4 million visitors that spent more than $36.3 billion throughout the state

  • Illinois Hotel-Motel tax revenue for fiscal year 2015 exceeded $255 million

  • The Illinois tourism industry supported over 306,000 good-paying and career oriented jobs

  • State and local tax revenues from visitors resulted in more than $2.7 billion

  • Illinois tourism saves the average Illinois household $1,300 in taxes each year

We need YOUR help. Help us show Springfield the power and scope of the state’s visitor industry. Please sign our petition to support the restoration of our statutorily mandated state funding.

On behalf of the Illinois tourism industry, thank you for your support. We’re all in this together!

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  • Each $1 invested in IL tourism = $47 return in tax revenue.

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  • Illinois tourism’s forward-thinking strategies and initiatives have made Illinois a top 10 domestic and international tourism destination. Keep the momentum and save their funding!

  • Without tourism the average Illinois household would pay an addition $1,300 in taxes each year. Save their funding!

  • Illinois’ tourism industry is at risk. PLEASE help & sign->


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