Executive Office / Public Policy

The executive office in conjunction with our Board of Directors serve as a primary source for communication, decision making, leading, managing and executing initiatives to better serve the Chicago tourism industry as a whole.

Public Policy oversees Choose Chicago’s relations with the local, state and federal levels of government; develops policy solutions and a civic consensus to meet Choose Chicago’s goals; develops external coalitions and political support for Choose Chicago’s agenda; communicates Choose Chicago’s mission, successes and needs to key civic stakeholders.

Meet Our Team

Choose Chicago

Executive Staff / Public PolicyChicago

David Whitaker, President & CEO
Phone: 312-567-8588
Carolyn Earner, Executive Assistant
Phone: 312-567-8521
Marc Anderson, Executive Vice President
Phone: 312-567-8481
Lyndell Fong-Jones, Executive Assistant
Phone: 312-567-8486
Ken Bennett, Senior Advisor, Public Policy and Community Affairs
Phone: 312-567-8529
James Mundo, Advocacy Manager
Phone: 312-567-8572
Al Orendorff, Director, Corporate Communications
Phone: 312-567-8482