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Nick Brown

Nick Brown is an entrepreneur and founder of Glappitnova, a collaborative community and festival uniting entrepreneurs and creatives through storytelling, performances, classes, and special events in Chicago. Brown is also a Sandbox/HQ member which is a global network of leaders under 30. Tweet him at @ynickbrowny.


A Park is More than a Playground: Interview with Chicago Park Supervisor Rilan Betts

Rilan Betts

"A park is only as strong as the people that surround the park."

Sometimes people forget about the important relationships parks play within a community. Rilan Betts (left) is one of the youngest park supervisors in Chicago, and he is on mission to add some flavor within the traditional park model starting with the historical Jackie Robinson Park. But where does this drive come from? It boils down to one key word: help.

People and Businesses that Make Chicago Awesome

Allison Semmes

With a growing hub of entrepreneurs, creatives, and plenty of influencers in Chicago here a few that really make Chicago a destination city. Whenever you're in Chicago you have to check them out.

Aaron Nace, Founder of Phlearn, Talks Turning a YouTube Channel Into a Business

Aaron Nace

With Internet accessibility, it's possible to create a community with millions of views from a click of a few buttons. Being one of the world's most recognizable names within the Photoshop and photography industries comes with hard work, teamwork and a great support system. Aaron Nace is the founder and president of Phlearn, a company that creates Photoshop and photography tutorials for users of all skill levels.

Just like starting any company in the beginning, it takes hard

A Few Tweets Later, a Movement Was Created: Profile of Luvvie Ajayi, Chicago Social Media Extraordinaire

Luvvie Ajayi

There are some people from Chicago that dream of making things happen, and others that make it happen. Using social media to create a brand, lifestyle, and movement speaks volumes on a colossal scale that one tweet could have never predicted.

Some people call Luvvie Ajayi the "Olivia Pope" of social media while flaunting her signature red pumps all over the world. What's so interesting is how her powerful humorous social voice is able to span into the categories

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