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Casey Meehan
Casey Meehan has worn many hats in the Chicago music scene: musician, producer, label owner, studio manager, event coordinator, website designer, marketer, concert promoter, task master, cheerleader, and baby sitter. But he's most well-known for his Chicago Mixtape project. By combining his knowledge of online marketing and passion for music, he's been able to connect Chicago musicians to listeners all over the world.

While Chicago Mixtape continues to be a main focus, he's currently recording a new album with his band Jitney, helping to run a studio founded by the late Jay Bennett of Wilco, working with young artists like Emma Jayne to find their voice and teaching his auto mechanic friends how to grow their businesses by using some of the same tactics that have garnered global visibility for the Chicago Mixtape.

When he's not mixing, recording or promoting, he's struggling to learn how to paint in the style of Asian ink wash.


The Choosie Awards: Must-Hear Local Band of 2013

Lolla - Live - Chicago

#TheChoosieAwards rocks on, and music lovers, we haven't forgotten about you. In the short span of time, I have seen the scene change dramatically. When I reflect on this "Chaotic Stew", this maelstrom, this beastly juggernaut gaining speed (fueled by testosterone and PBR), a couple bands stand out for making great progress.

Interview: Six Restaurants That Fuel Mutts Frontman Mike Maimone

Mark Mairmone - Blog

Over the last few years, Mutts have stormed to the top of Chicago's vaunted underground muisc scene. A major player for their success is the raucous performance of frontman Mike Maimone. He plays the piano with his feet. He swills whiskey between songs. He shouts and howls. He is an unstoppable music force and those stage antics burn a lot of calories.

Interview: Donnie Biggins Breaks Down His Five Essential Chicago Restaurants

Donnie Biggins - BlogDonnie Biggins is a leader in the local artist community. As a member of The Shams Band and expert curator of live acts at Tonic Room, he's at the heart of our city's music scene. When you work with as much passion and fervor as Donnie, you tend to build up an appetite. So today, he's trading in his guitar for a fork and shredding up his five most essential Chicago restaurants.

Four Irrefutable Reasons To Visit The Whistler

Whiskey - Blog

So far, our little tour of Chicago’s progressive rock n’ roll hotspots have yielded a "glass half full" trip to the The Empty Bottle and top secret visit to The Hideout. Since nothing good comes easy, we're going even further off the map with four irreftuable reasons to stop by a Logan Square treasure they call The Whistler.

Psst... Meet Me at The Hideout

The Hideout
The Hideout, like Paul Konerko or Puppet Bike, is one of Chicago's best kept secrets. The bar opened (legally) in 1934, but it's been around since the late 1800s--when it was run by bootleggers and gin runners. Today, it's known for its “roots” style live acts, an ordinary bar with the unique sounds of soul, alternative-country and a taste of Americana.

The Empty Bottle: Chicago's Rock Music Venue

Empty Bottle - Blog

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, I moved to Chicago from New Orleans. The very first thing on my "to-do" list was to buy a winter coat and some second-hand sweaters (my first-hand wardrobe was nearly 100% T-shirts). Next on my list was to find out where all the great local rock bands were playing. It didn't take me long to see the glass half full at The Empty Bottle.

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