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Kiley Peters

Kiley Peters is the Online Marketing Manager for The Second City, the world's premier comedy theatre and school of improvisation. Hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, she has found her voice in the Chicago blogging and comedy communities. Follow her on Twitter @kileypeters.


Three Comedy Shows to See This Week

Kyle Kinane Benefit

This week Chicago is getting double doses of Kyle Kinane as well as a number of other great shows. Here's what you're in for this week.

Labor Day Weekend Comedy

Impress These Apes 
There are a number of comedy shows flying under the radar. First and foremost, iO Chicago is having their grand opening this weekend, so that almost trumps just about any other event this weekend. However, tickets are a little pricey, so if your wallet be more comfortable at a lower-priced ticket, then I have a few shows I think you should check out.

Jangleheart Circus Show Recommendations


This weekend Jangleheart Circus takes over The Den Theatre for the second time with over 80 shows scheduled. The team from Upstairs Gallery has put together a knock-out festival and every show looks amazing. I pulled out a few shows I'm recommending below, but I know I'm leaving out a number of must-sees. Take these recommendations as you may, but definitely go to this festival -- a ton of great shows.

Charna Halpern Talks About New iO Opening Tonight

Charna Halpern_iO

Charna Halpern is the owner of iO and one of the most influential people in improv. After 19 years at iO's Clark Street location, tonight iO opens at its new home of 1541 N Kingsbury. Please join Charna and the rest of the Chicago improv community at iO both tonight and on August 29th and 30th for their grand opening. Here's a bit about the new space and the journey it took to get there.

Ben Larrison Wants to Make the CTA Funnier

Ben Larrison Kickstarter 
There's the saying that laughter is the best medicine. There's another saying that says laughter heals. There's another saying that ... people just like to laugh. We live in a city chock-full of comedians and there's one in particular who is going out of his way to brighten people's day. Ladies and gentlemen, Ben Larrison wants to brighten visitors' travels on the El with his Kickstarter campaign to create funny CTA ads.

Four Comedy Shows to See Friday

Adults Embracing Failure

There's a lot happening this weekend. Friday night alone there are at least four shows I recommend you try to see. If you can't make it to all of them, plan out your Friday night activities for the next few weeks to see how many you can attend. But you'd better plan well, some of these shows won't be available for much longer ...

An Interview with Matt Byrne of The Comedy Exposition

The Comedy Exposition

With the absence of Just For Laughs in Chicago, this city was left with a gapping wide hole for standups. But fear not, The Comedy Exposition starts tonight and lasts throughout this weekend. I spoke with Matt Byrne, one of the producers of the festival, to get a few more details.

Three Must-See Comedy Events This Week

Cook County Social Club

This is another big week in Chicago comedy. This week I'm suggesting the solo showcase at The Public House Theatre, Cook County Social Club's revival at iO and the brand-spankin' new stand-up festival, The Comedy Exposition, happening this weekend. I don't ever want to hear you say you're bored ... way too many laughs to be had.

Three Shows to See This Thursday

Opportunity Rocks

Summer is finally here and Chicago comedy is on full blast. This week, I have three shows I'm recommending for your Thursday night viewing pleasure. Two of the three are closing this week, so this will be your last chance to see them.

Chicago Pilot Premiere: The Laces

The Laces

One year ago, local comedy pilot The Laces left the editing studio. It has since gone on to be one of six Chicago finalists in the NYTVF last Fall, has had two of its cast members become Second City Mainstage ensemble members and is currently being shopped around to major networks in hopes of getting sold. Today at noon, the pilot will premiere online live for the first time via Lucy Cooper Productions' site.

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