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Chicago News and Updates for Travel Professionals: April 2012

Chicago's new combined tourism organization announces new name.

There is a new name for Chicago's soon-to-be-merged tourism organizations: Choose Chicago. But that's not the only change coming for the city — Chicago will also be opening three international tourism offices around the world, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced this month.

"We've consolidated three offices here in the city that deal with the tourism and convention business, and we're going to open three offices around the world where the tourists exist," Mayor Emanuel said.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Chicago is opening international sales offices in Brazil, Germany and Japan — and bringing in the brightest minds in international tourism to find out which attractions need to be enhanced to attract visitors — in a move to achieve Mayor Rahm Emanuel's goal of attracting 10 million more visitors by 2020.

Chicago currently has five international sales offices — in Shanghai, London, Mexico City, Toronto and Beijing — and spends the "least of any major U.S. city" on international marketing.


The offices will be paid for, in part, with the $2 million saved by merging two major tourism organizations into one office that will be known as "Choose Chicago."

New TSA initiative at O’Hare introduces modified security procedures for people age 75-plus.

As of March 19, several airports — including O'Hare International Airport — introduced new security screening procedures for adults 75 years old and older. From the Chicago Department of Aviation:

These modified procedures are similar to those tested and implemented last fall for passengers 12 and younger, and include no longer removing shoes and light outerwear, among others.

At O'Hare, the modifications will only be tested in Terminal 1 at the passenger security checkpoint (#3) located near Door 1G. Informational signage is in place for passengers using that checkpoint.
Click here to get the details from TSA.gov.


Chicago's new NATO site keeps you up-to-date before May's big event

The Chicago NATO Host Committee launched the official website for the NATO Summit that will be held in Chicago on May 20-21.

The site, chicagonato.org, is your one-stop shop for everything having to do with the big event, including:

  • The latest news and updates as they relate to the summit.
  • A complete list of all summit-related events open to the public
  • Frequently asked questions about the meetings and security
  • A guide to the world leaders who will be visiting Chicago
Visit chicagonato.org.



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