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Expert Advice for Meeting Professionals: February 2012

Meeting Promotions: Think Outside the Box

Your meeting might be months away, so what's the best way to get attendees engaged and excited about coming to Chicago? Choose Chicago shares five ways you can get creative when it comes to promoting your event — and they're even easier than you think.

  • Pump up your presentations: Add bold photos, unique awards and accolades and compelling copy to your presentation to give attendees something as vibrant and lively as the city itself. Choose Chicago can provide you with all of these items with just a click of the mouse… MORE
  • Show, don't tell: Videos are a great way to get attendees excited about coming to Chicago. Use Choose Chicago's library of videos to embed on a web page, email to a group or post to Facebook/Twitter. MORE 
  • Go digital: With everything from email ads to online brochures, there are plenty of ways to reach your audience digitally. Download free creative templates to add some Chicago flair to your next online outreach. MORE  
  • Put Chicago in the palm of their hands: By ordering Chicago's Official Visitors Guide, you give attendees an insider's guide to our best restaurants, events, Broadway shows, shopping districts, museums, attractions, tours and nightlife, not to mention helpful maps and plenty of into on getting around the city. MORE

Want help? Choose Chicago's experts are here to assist in your planning, from identifying cost savings to providing on-site services for any group size. See how we can help you.

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