2013 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament

What is your organization doing to prepare?

Since 1998, the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament has been an annual event to crown a champion and deliver an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. On four occasions, the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament winner has gone on to reach the Final Four of the NCAA Tournament and, in 2000, the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament winners - the Michigan State Spartans - became NCAA champions.

From March 14-17, 2013, Chicago's United Center will host this proud tradition. With an enormous influx of visitors and over 300,000 Big Ten alumni in the Chicago area, your organization is in an extraordinary position to take advantage of this high energy event. To assist, we have three tips for helping your business gear up for the 2013 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament.

  1. Consider a special offer that caters to basketball fans and Big Ten alumni. With an influx of visitors from all over the region, make an effort to connect to new customers by tailoring your couponing to the interests of tournament attendees.
  2. Embrace the teams. If you run a business that has family or commercial connection to a particular university, let it be known. A supportive banner, flag, or signage could draw the attention and business of customers that appreciate your support.
  3. Get excited. Chicago provides a beautiful setting, but it's the kindness of its people that make the city a perfect host. By embracing the Big Ten's presence in any capacity, you're sending a message of support that will reverberate through the sports world and will ultimately assist in attracting future, large-scale events.

For more information about how your organization can participate in one of Chicago's biggest sporting events, contact Sam Stark, Executive Director of the Chicago Sports Commission at sstark@chicagosportscommission.com.